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Saturday 2 May 2020

Site Update

As some of you may have noticed, over the past two weeks this site has gone through quite a few changes, the result of my overhaul of its design and functionality.

Amongst other things the

Thursday 9 April 2020

Site Update

It's Springtime and as such it's time for a spring clean of sorts. So I decided to give the site a quick revamp just to freshen it up. New elements include:

  • A new logo design
  • A new catchphrase
  • A new header design as a result
  • A new template background

All in all I have to say I like the grittier feel of it.

Thursday 13 June 2019

Latest Updates

I must apologise for not having gotten any new posts up for over a month. I have been quite busy as well as having a small holiday thrown into the mix, however I do have a few articles in progress, which will be up soon.

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Latest Updates

A short notice to state that I have updated the Disclaimer page to cover image rights.

Also due to vulnerabilities with having your email address displayed openly on a website, namely scams and spams, I've condensed the contact menu to simply the Contact Gym Pal page.

I've also replaced all links to my email address for this site in articles with the aforementioned link. I get an email notification of any feedback form submissions anyways, whilst hiding my email address from email harvesting bots.

Monday 4 March 2019

Purpose and scope

A simple update to announce the publishing of the purpose and scope page for the Gym Pal site.

Sunday 7 October 2018

Site update

I'm really pleased to announce that after a three month wait my application to register Gym Pal as a trademark in the United Kingdom has finally gone through! As you may now notice, I've updated the main site logo to incorporate the ® symbol.

The key reason for protecting the name "Gym Pal" is to provide piece of mind that my brand is now protected within the applied for areas in the UK, allowing me to be more proactive with it without fear of somebody hijacking the name for their own enterprise.

Thursday 19 July 2018

Latest Updates

The latest update to the site's design is a brand new header designed by myself. I've samples using various different colour schemes made however the grey one seemed to work best with the site at present. I personally like it that much I may use it for any branding in the future.

Monday 25 June 2018

Latest Updates

Latest updates to Gym Pal includes a new blog layout along with a self-made logo to add a bit more punch than a plain text title.

I've also uploaded the first page, or article so to speak, Work Out Every Day, detailing a simple principle that I follow, which will help get people more active. It will no doubt go through several revisions as I cut down on any waffling and add more specific points and/or images, but for now it's out there!