Purpose and scope

The general purpose and scope of this site is to provide people with information regarding all things health and fitness. Having said that there is no point in reinventing the wheel considering the vast wealth of information that lies out there. The problem is that many sites and personal trainers on social media regurgitate the same stuff over and over, many of whom appear to either not follow it themselves or have no experience of it personally.

This I blame largely on the fact every Tom, Dick, and Harry now wants to be a personal trainer as it is the hip thing to be these days and can be accomplished via a 2-week intensive course if you really want to.

Having myself gone through such a course myself (to which I topped the class in both exams with 94% and 97% respectively), I at least had 15 years of experience under my belt of the gym and fitness. Most people don't even have a years experience.

The picture belows shows my intentions of setting up a "Health and Fitness Club" all the way back in August 2006!

You can't teach experience

These courses available these past few years are also completely lacking in other regards that leaves many PT's ill equipped on matters such as proper form, correctional techniques and flexibility.

You wouldn't believe how many PT's I see on social media posting videos of themselves or clients performing exercises in ways that are highly detrimental to your well being. There is a shocking lack of standards in the industry at large.

In such instances how can you trust what they say or teach? If they have never experienced or performed it, or have very little experience of it, then how can they recommend others to do it? If they can't do it properly themselves how can they expect others to?

It's like a personal trainer who has never been over-weight in their life trying to understand what exactly is going through the mind of someone who has been over-weight for most of their life. You can learn through education and specific courses what to do etc., but you also need to have experienced it to have a true understanding.

Having said that and forgetting about the personal experience aspect of it all, the science of personal training is tried and tested and PT's don't need to personally experience what they preach to do it well and get people the results they desire. Though at what cost otherwise? There is also information that can only be learned from scientific research and not personal experience such as physiology and nutrition.

Advertising and product placement

Unlike many other sites I aim to keep Gym Pal free of paid for commercial advertising and product placement. If I don't use it personally or know anything about it then why should I recommend it? I will make reference to products in posts that I have used due to my own experience from it and my personal view, good and ill, will be made clear about it if the post dictates it.

Similarly if I recommend a specific facility or personal trainer etc., it will be from my own experience of them and their ability. If I don't know you or your facility personally then it'd be unethical to recommend you!

Exercise library

Over time I will expand the Exercise Library with posts on exactly what it says. Each one will have been performed by myself over the years so I can detail properly from my own experience how they should be performed. Exercises that I have little knowledge or experience of will be omitted, though having performed literally 100's of different exercises over the years these will be far and few between.

Having said that this disclaimer is in effect.

Wrap up

As such, whilst the scope of this site is health and fitness in general, in regards to things that can be experienced it will focus primarily on that which I have personally experienced over the near two decades I have been a gym goer and had an interest in health and fitness. That way I can give a true and honest opinion on it that can be trusted.

If you agree and like what I post or disagree and hate it feel free to let me know. There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy debate, constructive criticism or praise.

Lyle Richardson
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