Sunday 7 October 2018

Site update

I'm really pleased to announce that after a three month wait my application to register Gym Pal as a trademark in the United Kingdom has finally gone through! As you may now notice, I've updated the main site logo to incorporate the ® symbol.

The key reason for protecting the name "Gym Pal" is to provide piece of mind that my brand is now protected within the applied for areas in the UK, allowing me to be more proactive with it without fear of somebody hijacking the name for their own enterprise.

Paranoia? Most definitely not as it turns out! Good catchy names and slogans are becoming ever harder to come by in the overcrowded world of fitness and personal training. Indeed with only 2 days left before my trademark was due to be registered someone else decided to file a request to register "Gym pal" in one of the areas I had applied for.

You might wonder why I use the trademark "Gym Pal UK". The answer to that is since the time I came up with the name "Gym Pal", I've discovered that a couple of other people in other countries have also came up with it as well. The addition of "UK" is to help distinguish me from them, and also works well with this sites web address, which is why despite owning the domain name, I use

So here's to the future!

Lyle Richardson,
Gym Pal - Your Friend In Fitness